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  Bark 4 Bones Bakery

100% All Natural
Homemade treats for your best friends!

No fillers No preservatives
No by-products No artificial flavors
Real food, Real flavor!
Keep your dog Barking 4 Bones!
All treats are made to order to ensure the highest quality 
and to guarantee freshness!!

           We make 100% all natural, gourmet style, healthy dog treats. We have dedicated ourselves to creatingHomemade treats! and making dog treats with real food, for real flavor. All of our treats are fit for human consumption and we take pride in that. We don't use any preservatives, by-products, fillers, artificial flavors or chemicals of any sort.

           We have done a lot of research on what is natural and good for your pet. We have found that even your more expensive dog treats and foods are made with things as horrible as spoiled meat from grocers (the plastic and foam it comes wrapped in goes right into the grinder with it),  road kill, dead and diseased cattle, and dogs that have been euthanized at the facilities that don't burn or bury their carcasses. YES, I said that! Some brands do actually have dogs that have been poisoned to death in their dog food (this would be the by-product or meat & bone meal) for your pet to eat on a daily basis!!

          This is deplorable and unacceptable so we came up with several recipes (about 12 flavors) that have nothing but good wholesome food in them. Foods we know and can identify! We make most of our product per order so we can guarantee freshness and high quality. We also do all of our own packaging and shipping so we know what is going out, where it's going and we know for a fact nothing could be added or tainted in our product. Lucy

Lilly          Our dog Lilly is a very finicky eater and most often will spit out a treat we have bought from the grocery store. We started by creating flavors we thought she would love, and it worked! She loves the peanut butter and honey, the bacon biscuits and the cheesy chicken the best!! Our dog Lucy isn't quite so finicky but she does literally jump straight up off all 4's to get her homemade treat! We hope your dogs love them too!


Phillip & Angela




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